Batman’s an Engineer, NOT a Superhero

Let’s get things out in the open to start this off. Batman is not a superhero. Superman is a superhero. Wonder woman is a superhero. Heck, even Aquaman is a superhero! But Batman? Nope, he’s not a superhero, but he is one heck of an engineer! I know, this makes a lot of you upset, but lets look at the facts.

One of these things is not like the others.

Superhero Characteristics:

  • Does he have super strength? No.

  • Can he fly? No.

  • Run really fast? No.

  • Have any of the abilities of the X-men? No.

  • Surf on ice he produces from his hand? No.

Engineering Feats:

  • The Batmobile(s): Have you seen these things?! Not only are they really cool looking, but they pretty much can’t be destroyed by anything short of a bazooka blast, are equipped with crazy weaponry and drive faster than most anything else on the road.

  • The Batarang: Not as impressive as the Batmobile, but still a pretty much what an engineer does. Super strong material. Check. Machining skill. Check. Aerodynamic. Check. It’s like he picked up a Techshop membership and actually put those classes to good use.

  • Grappling Gun: Would you trust your life swinging building to building with something you threw together in your garage? I know I wouldn’t, and I’m an engineer! A bad one. He’s a good one… point made.

  • Bat Suite: The dude’s basically invulnerable when he’s in this suit. Bullets bounce off of him (like Superman), he has superhuman strength (like Superman), he looks cool in it (unlike Superman). Do you know what happens when he takes it off? Bullets kill him, he has the strength of a normal human, and he looks just like this guy Bruce Wayne…

  • Bat Wing: As if building your own car isn’t enough, building a plane takes things to the next level. Not only can Batman build his own plane, it also has autopilot. He’s basically already created self-driving vehicles, making him a better engineer than Uber, Google or Tesla has.

I think you get the point. Don’t cry though Batty, you’re in good company with others like Ironman, half of Spiderman and your BFF Robin. Even better for you, you never really fight against superhuman creatures, just other engineers and scientists, so it’s all good.

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