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Engineering Better Green Homes & Buildings - Episode 103

A huge focus has been placed on making buildings more energy efficient and eco-friendly. From the materials used to construct skyscrapers down to the amount of natural light they receive, LEED and BREEAM certified buildings are changing the game, and not just in the US! Countries all around the world are working hard to create a green cradle to grave construction projects.


Engineering green structures don't just stop at large buildings, though. There are some ways that you can turn your home into an environmentally friendly house. Although the upfront cost might be a bit high, often the investments such as solar panels, led lights, and wind turbines pay for themselves.


In this episode, we'll walk you through how to turn your house into the greenest home in the neighborhood and the costs associated with it. We'll also give you examples of some of the best in class structures out there when it comes to LEED certification.

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