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Before you get all bent out of shape about Lego (also, you call them Legos lik...

In episode 37, we debated the top 10 inventions of all time (Haven’t heard it? Check it out here!) to come up with one list to rule them all. Here is what Unprofessional Engineering came up with as the greatest inventions of all time and why.  Don’t agree? Let’s hear y...

So this was originally supposed to be one of our podcast topics (haven’t listened to us yet? Click here!) but good ol’ technology let us down and the recording cut out about 4 minutes into the show. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to learn everything about the Chunnel that...

So you’ve come up with the next great idea, but you can’t afford to manufacture it yourself yet. Don’t rush off to the bank and ask for a loan, or call up your parents and see if you can borrow some cash just yet. Thanks to crowdfunding you can now turn your dream into...

How often have you looked back on your life and thought about the things that made you the person you are today? Being picked last in gym, having a kick me sign on your back or not having a date to the dance? These all probably contributed to your path to engineering,...

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When Are Cousins Actually Siblings?

March 20, 2020

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Although James and Luke are both product marketing managers for Autodesk, Inc. their views do not represent those of Autodesk.