Star light, star bright… Oh, wait…

There is nothing quite like sitting back and staring out at the evening sky looking at millions of stars. Hold on, why are some of those stars moving and why are some in the exact place all the time? Turns out a lot of the things that you and I see in the night sky are not stars. The reality is there are over 3,000 artificial satellites (man mane objects that we purposely flung out into space) orbiting the earth as we speak. With about 1,200 of those being active communication, scientific, government or Elon Musk‘s satellites. And, we have been flinging satellites into space ever since 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik I and so began the Space Race. For the next 20 years the Space

Best Technology of 2017

10. Solar tiles Solar roofing times that look like shingles? Powering your house without the help of the electric company? Infinite tile warranty? How does it get any better?!? Well, being more readily available might help, and a tad more affordable, but otherwise this could be a real game changer for helping the world go green as well as affordable expansion around the world. 9. DND while driving Early in 2017 Apple released an update for the iPhone that should have happened much sooner, the option to put your phone on “do not disturb” while driving. Better yet, your phone can sense when you are driving and prompts you to activate the option. Sure, that means you would have to look at your

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