Total eclipse of the heart.. I mean sun…

How does this even happen?!? It is really pretty simple once you figure out that the Earth isn’t actually the center of the universe. In fact, the Earth rotates around the sun!! I know, mind blown. To add onto that, the moon rotates around the Earth. Now when we put those facts together, we can figure out that sometimes the moon enters the path of the sun, which in turn causes an eclipse. If it makes you feel any better, NASA thinks you should learn this somewhere between 5th and 8th grade. Why doesn’t this happen more often? Now one might think this should happen a lot more often, say, once per orbit of the moon around the Earth (roughly once per month), but as we know, that isn’t the case.

The only good uses for a Raspberry Pi

If you’re an engineer, a maker, a hacker or under the age of 40, you’ve probably at least thought about getting yourself a Raspberry Pi. If you’re a normal human, you probably got one, looked at it and became intimidated with what to do next. Never fear! We have the only 3 things you should do with your Pi and links to help you out right here. The home arcade Whether you turn your Pi into a Game Boy (color or original), create an entire old school arcade machine out of it, or just install RetroPi and hook it up to your TV, this is by far the best use of a Raspberry Pi out there. If you want to take your games on the road, the Pi-Pocket is probably for you. Be warned, this does require a litt

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