Top 10 Toys that Made You an Engineer

Did you miss our podcast all about the best engineering toys out there? If so, you can click here and check it out! Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes so that you don’t miss another episode! Before you get all bent out of shape about Lego (also, you call them Legos like a normal person, right?) not being on this list, we have decided that they are by far and away the best possible toy for the future engineer, and have therefore not been part of this competition. Fun Lego fact for you, as of July of 2015 over 600 BILLION Lego parts have been produced. Now, on with the show! 10. Rubix Cube Have you ever figured out the Rubix Cube? I sure haven’t. I even had a book that told me the turns to t

Top 10 Engineering Video Games

Looking back at the games I played growing up, it should probably have been clear that I was going to end up being an engineer. Sure, I played Super Mario Brothers, Metroid and Zelda like everyone else, but it was those games that required a little more than pressing A or B at the right time that stuck with me. Before we get into it, shout out to Sticky Bear Math and Oregon Trail. You weren’t all that educational, but at least I know that everyone dies of dysentery. #10 - Tetris I’d rather call this one Dr. Mario, but I suppose the extra shapes in Tetris put it a step ahead. What other game combined speed and problem solving under high pressure (remember that music?!) situations better than

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