The Top 10 Inventions of All Time

In episode 37, we debated the top 10 inventions of all time (Haven’t heard it? Check it out here!) to come up with one list to rule them all. Here is what Unprofessional Engineering came up with as the greatest inventions of all time and why. Don’t agree? Let’s hear your thoughts at, or on Twitter @UnproEng. #10 – Automobile Providing people with incredible freedom of movement, the automobile has made traveling great distances simple. In addition, it has led to the creation of suburbs as people no longer need to live in the city center. Have you listened to our episode of cars of the future? Or read our blog on it? You probably should, because they might

May the 4th Be With You – Engineering Fails from the Dark Side

Let me get this out there immediately. I love Star Wars. I’m an engineer, so it’s basically in my DNA to think Star Wars is one of the greatest tales ever told. That being said, I’m an engineer, so it’s basically in my DNA to tear apart movies for things that are just too unrealistic. Even when it happens a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… With that, to celebrate May the 4th day, here are some of my engineering pet peeves in Star Wars. Have some of your own? Let me hear them at I know you think that I’m going to spend this post talking about the low hanging fruit that is the Death Star, but let’s get serious. That thing is amazing!! It houses 265,

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