NASA Finds New Earth-like Planets! Do We Really Care?!?

I don’t know about you, but when I heard that NASA was going to make a huge announcement a week ago, I got pretty excited! What were they going to tell us?! They have found an alien life form? Nope. They have heard something resembles a communication signal? Nope. They have found a planet that can support life as we know it? Nope. OK, they certainly found planets that have water on them, right? Nope. So what did they find? A handful of rocky planets that could potentially support life, and MIGHT have flowing water on them. Maybe… So… do we actually care? Much like the questions above, the answer is NOPE, and here’s why. Most of the new planets are rocky, like Earth The Earth is rocky, so thi

Unprofessional Product Review: Printrbot Plus 3D Printer

Welcome to the first ever Unprofessional Product Review! The lucky recipient of this honor is the Printrbot Plus. To give you an understanding of where I’m coming from, this review is based off of my experience with 3 different Printerbot Plus machines, and comparing that experience to that of other 3D printers I have used such as Makerbots, Ultimakers, formlabs Form 2 and others. So onto the review! Let’s start with the good The obvious point here is the low cost of entry into the wonderful world of 3D printing. For just $1,199 you can get a fully assembled printer with a heated bed shipped to your door, including a free copy of Cura to setup your prints. Sure, you’ll have to buy some filam

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Although James and Luke are both product marketing managers for Autodesk, Inc. their views do not represent those of Autodesk.