Deflate-Gate: Another reason we hate the Patriots...but did they cheat?

With another Super Bowl right around the corner, and another year of Tom Brady and the Patriots breezing through the AFC, we thought that now would be a great time to remind everyone about Deflate-Gate, and that the Patriots are a bunch of dirty cheaters! But do the numbers actually prove the accusations? Let’s take a look. To start, let’s be clear that the Colts accused the Pats of deflating the footballs they were using, which is apparently how Tom Brady prefers it. What’s it matter? Well, each team uses their own set of footballs for each game, so in theory this could give the Patriots an advantage of catching a softer ball in the cold temperatures, as well as giving Tom a leg up by getti

So you want to launch a Kickstarter? Here are some things you should know.

So you’ve come up with the next great idea, but you can’t afford to manufacture it yourself yet. Don’t rush off to the bank and ask for a loan, or call up your parents and see if you can borrow some cash just yet. Thanks to crowdfunding you can now turn your dream into a reality without falling into debt! And without getting the look of shame (or is that failure?) from your parents. The most prominent option for crowd funding these days is Kickstarter, and it is simple. Have an idea, launch your project, get people to back you and you’re all set! But before you press go, here are a few tips from experienced Kickstarters that wish they knew this before starting their journey to financial inde

Manufacturing Technology Predictions for 2017

With another year in the record books, I thought I would look forward instead of back and give you the Unprofessional Engineering technology predictions for 2017. Do I have any inside knowledge as to where things are going? No. But I do work with manufacturers for companies of all shapes and sizes every day so maybe that will help this be dead on! Virtual Reality Becoming a Reality With 13 million units being expected to sell for the holidays, is virtual reality really a prediction for 2017? Yes! Products like the Samsung Gear VR, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift were big sellers in 2016, but are they really being used for much more than fancy game play? In 2017 look for VR to start showing up

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