What Engineers REALLY Want for Christmas

Are you finding that Christmas shopping for that special engineer in your life is a little overwhelming? Or maybe your kid would rather stay inside and build a robot instead of going outside to play with real people. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are some great stocking stuffers and big kid gifts that any engineer would love. OWI Robotic Arm Edge For under 50 bucks you can score this great robotic arm! Remote controlled to move an all the joints with a robotic arm gripper that opens and closes so that you never have to use your hands again. Well, except for the remote control. Get it on Prime and it will be to your house in time for Santa! Important note, no soldering required. So

Earthquake Proofing the World’s Skyscrapers

It seems like every few years or so there is a major earthquake with catastrophic effects somewhere in the world. Not even considering aftershocks or the potential of tidal waves resulting from these quakes, the damage is often devastating, though thanks to modern engineering the damage can often times be mitigated. This understanding of resulting frequencies is even more important in cities filled with skyscrapers. But how do engineers and architects account for earthquakes when designing a skyscraper? Not surprisingly, it starts from the ground up. They call this base isolation. The idea here is to make the base of the building absorb as much of the vibration for the earthquake as possible

The Top 7 Board Games That Made Us Engineers

How often have you looked back on your life and thought about the things that made you the person you are today? Being picked last in gym, having a kick me sign on your back or not having a date to the dance? These all probably contributed to your path to engineering, but none of this prepared you for this career like the nerdy board games we all played growing up. Before getting the top 7 games that made us engineers, here are a few that didn’t make the cut. Honorable Mentions: Kerplunk – Figure out which stick you can remove without causing the marbles to fall. Sounds like a Civil Engineer to me. Perfection – Use your mind under pressure to match shapes before time runs out and the board e

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