Most of us are never more than a couple of feet away from our cell phones, if even that far. Many of you could even be listening to us on your cell phone right now! But it wasn't really all that long ago that a car phone was crazy cool technology, and pay phones were a much needed device.


We explore how the cell phone came to be, going all the way back to Zack Morris and his sweet brick phone, up to 5G and even 6G, if you believe that to be a thing.


Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Where else can you travel the city on a romantic gondola ride and not be troubled by things like cars, traffic, bicycles, or really any other form of transportation?


But all that beauty comes with a price. Thanks to being built almost at sea level, coupled with plate tectonics and general ground compaction thanks to being built on top of pillars in a swamp, Venice is at risk of being under water in the not so distant future.


Learn what Venice is doing to help this problem, such as the MOSE floodgate system, why the problem exists in the first place, and what the impact of MOSE and other solutions could be. Warning, it involves poop!


Samsung makes nice TVs, some refrigerators, and a few other things, right? Well, that is true, but they are so much more, and Samsung's start was nothing like the electronics giant that they are today.


Join us to learn about how Samsung went from a glorified grocery store to a well diversified super-company with divisions in electronics, electro-mechanics, SDI, SDS, and even Samsung Corning Advanced Glass!!

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Although James and Luke are both product marketing managers for Autodesk, Inc. their views do not represent those of Autodesk.