Thanks to the movies, Petra may be the most recognizable of all of the modern 7 Wonders of the World. If it doesn't ring a bell, think about Indiana Jones entering a crazy looking temple built into the side of a mountain. Yeah, that's real!!


We explore the history of Petra, how the Nabateans constructed this intricate city, the various rulers, uses of the trade city, and of course, the engineering behind this marvel.


We are all probably familiar with telescopes. You set them up in your house and creep on your neighbors with them, right? Well, NASA and the other space programs are creeping on our neighbors in space as well, thanks to space telescopes!


We discuss the different types of space telescopes (such as gamma ray, x-ray, infrared, and more), what they are used for, the history of sending telescopes to space, as well as some of the most famous space telescopes ever (including Hubble, Fermi, LISA, Chandra, Kepler, and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)).


There are hundreds of satellites floating around out in space that we depend on every day for a number of things, from GPS to internet for some, but they are even more important for the simple needs that we have.


Satellites are used to help us understand the cosmos, from how black holes are formed to how the universe was born. They help us to look back in time, all the way to when the big bang happened, to educate us on the creation of life.


Learn all there is to know about satellites, from launching them, to the various uses, costs, future plans, and more!