It is the episode that you have been waiting for all year long! Our 2022 list of hot gifts for that engineer or aspiring engineer in your life!


We all know that engineers are a special breed and that can make them a little difficult to shop for. Even for the STEM inclined kids out there, you might have trouble finding something that is both educational and entertaining. Don't worry!! We have something to help you out, no matter the price range.


From Lego to National Geographic, Thames & Kosmos to awesome projects on Etsy, there are so many great Christmas gifts out there!


Way back on July 21, 1969, NASA and the United States changed the universe as we know it by not only sending man to the moon but having them walk on the surface of the moon as well. We're here to discuss what it took to make that happen.


Learn about the many inventions that contributed to the moon missions success, how the spaceship was designed, the various options for launching into space, advanced materials that were used for safety, and so much more!!


Do you like buildings? Do you like engineering? Do you like spending an extra year in college to get your degree? Boy, do I have the major for you!! Architectural Engineering!!!


We dove into what it looks like to get your Architectural Engineering degree, what the top universities to attend are, they type of work you will eventually end up doing, how much you'll make, and even who the big players are to give you a job.


If you are thinking about getting into engineering or just hate your job and wish you did something else, you won't want to miss this episode!