Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, is a form of simulation that predicts how fluids and gases will interact together and with their surroundings. This can be used for everything from HVAC optimization to improving vehicle performance.


CFD might sound scary, but we break it down to the basics to help everyone understand how to use computational fluid dynamics and why it is so important. Trust me! Even my mom has learned to understand CFD.... it just took a couple decades.


We're wrapping up our three-part series on concussions with Trifecta Sports Solutions by discussing how they are using engineering techniques like advanced simulation (such as Finite Element Analysis) and new materials to design a football helmet that will significantly reduce concussions.


Join us to hear about how they have taken this idea and made it a reality with the help of great institutes like Michigan State University, as well as what hurdles are left to overcome before we can expect to see their helmet on the field.


We were joined by the amazing up and comers of Trifecta Sports Solutions to understand what they are doing to make sports safer for us to play, starting with football helmet design and expanding out to other concussion heavy activities.


Their story started with a high school design competition and has spiraled into working with outstanding universities such as Michigan State University to make this idea a reality.


Join us in hearing how they came up with the idea, the technology behind the design, and where things are going in the future.

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