Fiber optic communication is a way to transmit information using light, one of the most relied upon technologies in modern time. From fast internet to endless television channels, we have a lot to thank fiber optics for.


We investigate how fiber optic cables were invented, the process of making the ridiculously thin glass threads, and discuss how it works and benefits our daily lives.


The railroad industry might not have started in America, but the USA certainly played a HUGE part in it's history, peak, downfall, and reemergence.


We look into how the railroad industry grew, from animal drawn carts to the cross-country lines we have today, as well as how people made big money from a near monopoly on the rail industry and the resulting sanctions placed on it by the government.


Sit back in your luxury passenger car and enjoy this quick history of the rail industry!


Everyone has a favorite building that they like to look at while on a walk or driving down the street, right? But then there are some that blow all other buildings away!!


Luke and James go through their personal top 10 buildings in the world, focusing on architecture, engineering complexity, or just stuff that Luke likes because it is easier than coming up with actual reasons.


Join us as we explore the top 10 buildings of the world, which is actually the top 20, but that doesn't sound as good.

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Although James and Luke are both product marketing managers for Autodesk, Inc. their views do not represent those of Autodesk.