You don't get much more cutting-edge engineering and technology than with military vehicles. From tanks to planes and everything in-between (what does a hovercraft even count as??), the military develops some of the coolest tech around.


Luke and James searched through the archives to come up with their top 10 military vehicles of all time. Ranging from the Challenger 2 battle tanks, to the Black Hawk helicopter, and even including some more unique creations like the AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicle, there is something for everyone.


Which will be crowned the coolest of all time? Nobody knows, and the criteria it is picked on is hazy at best, but one thing is for sure; these vehicles are awesome!


With the new year almost here, and it likely that many of you are going to overindulge in celebration, it felt like the perfect time to investigate the science behind two horrible things: hiccups and hangovers!


We've looked into what causes both hiccups and hangovers (no, not just "alcohol," but the process that results from alcohol consumption) and researched what the most likely cures are, if any. We also share some of our favorite home remedies that probably don't work as well!


There might also be a hangover story or two in there... Happy New Year!!


When you think about air travel, what comes to mind? Cramped seats, hours of time wasted, and gross airports? Well, the airports would still be an issue, but the Concorde helped with some of the other problems!


We looked at the plane that set the record for fastest commercial flight, going from New York to London in around 3 and a half hours! Wow!! Sure, it was so noisy that it was only allowed to fly over the ocean for the most part, but that is the price for speed.


Learn all about the Concorde, how it was engineered, the various companies involved, and why this engineering marvel eventually had an early retirement.