Like it or not, social media now plays a part in nearly every part of our lives. Without Instagram models, how would you know what makeup to use? Without TikTok, how would you know how to dance dangerously outside of a moving car?!


But social media wasn't always a brain rotting wasteland! It was once a place where you could learn to code while precariously listing your top eight friends (Tom included) while playing your favorite song!


We've looked back to understand where social media got its start, how these companies have become some of the most valuable in the world, and where things could be going in the future.


It is the episode that you have been waiting for all year long! Our 2022 list of hot gifts for that engineer or aspiring engineer in your life!


We all know that engineers are a special breed and that can make them a little difficult to shop for. Even for the STEM inclined kids out there, you might have trouble finding something that is both educational and entertaining. Don't worry!! We have something to help you out, no matter the price range.


From Lego to National Geographic, Thames & Kosmos to awesome projects on Etsy, there are so many great Christmas gifts out there!

Cars are amazing works of engineering. Race cars have a crazy amount of engineering that go into them. F1 racing is a completely different animal! The amount of engineering that goes into Formula 1, even while the cars are on the track, is unparalleled!!


In this episode of Unprofessional Engineering, we review the rules of F1, take a look back at the history of racing innovation, and discuss the greatest engineering advancements that have come from this sport (even if some of them have been outlawed over time).