If you're thinking about getting into engineering, finding a new job in your field, or curious how much you should be getting paid, you don't want to miss this series on different fields of engineering.


This time, we are focused on "What is Control Systems Engineering." Or Controls Engineering. Or Systems Engineering.... OK, you get the point.


We've reviewed the top US and global universities for a Control Systems Engineering degree, the classes that you take (warning, there is a lot of Electrical Engineering and Comp Sci going on here), who likes to hire your, how much you'll get paid, and so much more!


The B-2 Stealth Bomber, also known as the Northrup Grumman Spirit, is a long-range US bomber. It might be the most well-known plane in the US military, but much about its technology and capabilities is still unknown to the public.


Designed during the Cold War, the Stealth Bomber is the world's first first low-observation (or stealth) bomber. In addition to being crazy sneaky, it also holds the record for longest flight time! What can't this thing do?!


Learn everything that there is to know (for the public, at least) about the B-2 Bomber, from history to famous movies that it has appeared in.


Kevlar is widely known for its use in "bullet proof vests," but there is a lot more to it! In addition to this life-saving use, it is used for a number of other items thanks to its high heat resistance and high tensile strength.


We looked into how Kevlar was created by Stephanie Kwolek while working at DuPont, the science behind its production, the different types of Kevlar out there, and a number of other uses including tires, tennis racket strings, and more.